Education in TurkeyLise veya dengi diploma

Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries in the world by foreign students, with its huge educational investments in recent years. With a total of more than 250 public and foundation universities in 81 provinces, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the region in the field of education due to its wide education programs and international education standards. In addition, foreigners are required to attend YÖS in order to study undergraduate programs in Turkey, and they have the right to enroll in some 2-year vocational schools without examination. In this article, we will briefly inform you about how foreigners can enroll in 2-year vocational schools.

2-Year Education for Foreigners in Vocational Schools

First of all, 2-year vocational schools are frequently preferred by foreigners in both public and foundation universities because they are very affordable compared to undergraduate programs and some professions find quite a lot of job opportunities in business life. If you want to enroll in any associate degree program in Turkey, you must have a valid high school diploma. In addition, if you have a valid residence or work permit in Turkey, if you want to study at the same time, you can apply for the quota opened by universities for foreigners without an exam. For foreigners, you can find out the quotas of the departments of the universities on the website of the universities you want to study, and you can find details about the documents required for application. In addition, if your residence permit will expire in the near future, you can both study and stay legally in Turkey with a student residence permit by enrolling in a 2-year vocational school.

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