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Turkey is one of the countries where many foreigners prefer to visit for different purposes, with the contribution of being an important geographical transit point and a transfer station connecting three continents. As a natural consequence of this situation, there has been an increase in visa violations as well as those who are legally in the country. The restriction codes for foreigners are used to define different deportation orders. These restriction codes can be lifted in some cases by administrative lawsuits and in some cases by legitimate visa application. In this article, we will talk about how to remove restriction codes for foreigners.

Administrative Action Process

First of all, we would like to remind you that you must work with a consultant who is an expert in the field in order to remove the restriction codes and deportation decisions. Foreigners, for whom a deportation decision has been made and a restriction code has been applied, can object to this decision with an administrative lawsuit to be filed in a timely manner. It will be necessary to take different actions according to each restriction code and to make a different defense in the case. The most important issue that foreigners who will go to administrative proceedings should know is the stay of execution decision. Administrative lawsuits filed for the removal of the restriction code take approximately 1 year. However, since a stay of execution is requested along with the case, if a stay of execution decision is made, the foreigner will be able to enter Turkey legally in this process. The stay of execution decision is finalized within 1 month on average. If the foreigner was deported with a restraining code while being deported, it is the most logical solution to resort to an administrative lawsuit. In cases where an administrative annulment case is filed against the deportation decision, the final outcome of the relevant case is awaited in order for the foreigner to be deported. During this process, the deportation decision is not applied to the foreigner. In addition, since the restriction code also prevents entry into Turkey, both decisions are stopped through the relevant lawsuit.

Annotated Visa

If a deportation decision has been given for a foreigner, another way for this foreigner to enter Turkey legally is to obtain a valid visa. A foreigner for whom a deportation decision has been made can only apply for a valid visa provided that he/she shows a valid reason. These valid reasons include marriage, treatment, education, work, etc. However, the documentability of these situations is one of the basic conditions for applying for a legitimate visa. Foreigners who have a valid reason, prove this situation with official documents and do not engage in any illegal activities can apply for a annotated visa. If these applications are accepted, there is no obstacle for foreigners to enter Turkey legally.

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