Health in TurkeyHow Can Foreigners Get Medical Report in Turkey?

The concept of medical report is defined as a document showing that someone is suitable for the institution in terms of health and does not carry any risk for working, marriage and any specific condition. Foreigners who want to work in high-risk jobs in Turkey, get married or document their specific situation in terms of health need a medical report from a fully-fledged hospital. Foreigners residing in Turkey with a legal residence permit can obtain medical report from state hospitals. In addition, we remind you that it is a legal obligation to request a health report by the company in high-risk jobs, and it is useful to have a valid HES code in order to be examined in health institutions. “How to get HES code for foreigners?” In our article, we explained all the points that need to be known about the HES code.

When will I need Medical Report in Turkey?

First of all, you have to apply the examinations in the health reports personally according to the test results those who will work in jobs with dangerous risks, who will marry and who will be working in other institutions where a medical report is requested legally. For example, if you will work in the construction sector and if your work includes danger , in this case, you must obtain a comprehensive medical report before starting work. In addition, if you are going to marry in Turkey, there is a medical report among the legal documents requested. The reason for this situation is to ensure that the spouses to marry have diseases that are not aware of each other. To give an example again, if there is a blood incompatibility between the couples, it is aimed to prevent this situation as this will affect the health of their future children. The medical report requested for marriage procedures includes tests such as chest x-ray, blood test and Mediterranean anemia.

Where Can I Apply for Medical Report in Turkey?

Firstly, we want to remind you that if foreigners want to get a full-fledged medical report, this facility is not available in all public hospitals. From the list here, you can check the state, research and private hospitals where you can get a full health report in Turkey. In addition, health reports can also be obtained from family physicians in Turkey, but the full-fledged reports requested especially at the start of employment are not given by the family medicine. For full-fledged medical reports, you must visit state hospitals or private hospitals authorized to issue reports. The documents required for the health report are; identity document, 2 photographs and an application document. It is also worth remembering that the report fee may change according to the demand purposes.

If you have any question about medical reports for foreigners in Turkey, please ask us on the comment section.

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