Residence PermitHow to make Deportation Inquiry in Turkey?

We’ll answer the question of “How to make deportation inquiry in Turkey?” for foreigners who want to learn if they have a deport or not while travelling to Turkey. Foreigners should make a deportation inquiry before coming to Turkey if they want to learn there is a ban for entrance to Turkey. You will find the legal procedures and results in this article.

In case of violation of the legally specified period of stay in Turkey, deport can be applied for foreigners. Residence Permit, Work Permit, Visa Duration or visa exemption period of falling foreign fugitive status remaining in Turkey together by overcoming and the rights of individuals, depending on the amount of time the vaccines can be given entry ban decision for foreigners. However, Immigration Administration General Directorate has the right to give deport decision for foreigners because of public order, public safety or public health issues.

Entry Ban to Turkey and Repose Codes                   

Together with entrance process to Turkey, foreigners can also face with deport ban for their residence time in Turkey because of some violances. Repose codes are applied for foreigners after deport decision and it will register to their criminal record. Depending on the nature of the violation about foreigners, from 5 months to 5 years entry ban can be applied for foreigners. Also, indefinite entry ban can be applied for foreigners.

V-69: Foreigners whose residence permit cancelled

V-71: Foreigners who don’t reside in their address

V-70: Foreigners who have fictitious marriage

V-77: Foreigners who apply in this way even though they are not a Meskhetian Turkish

V-84: Foreigners who entered within 10 days conditions to obtaining residence permit

G-78: Foreigners carrying infectious diseases

G-87: Foreigners who pose a danger in terms of public security

Ç-113: Foreigners who did illegal entry and departing to Turkey

Ç-114: Foreigners subject to legal proceedings

Ç-115: Foreigners who released from Penal Institution

Ç-116: Foreigners who endanger public morality and public health

Ç-117: Foreigners who work illegal in Turkey

Ç-118: Foreigners whose residence permit cancelled

Ç-119: Foreigners who work illegal in Turkey and not paid fine

Ç-120: Foreigners who didn’t pay fine of visa or residence violation

Ç-135: Foreigners who act in violation of the International Protection Law or Foreigners’ Law

Ç-136: Foreigners who do not pay travel expenses

Ç-137: Foreigners who invited to leave

Ç-138: INAD passenger/Inadmissible Passenger)

Ç-141: Foreigners who are subject to ministerial permit entry to Turkey

K: Foreigners wanted for smuggling

N-99: Interpol code

O-100: Benned refugees

N-82: Employment code / Foreigners whose entry is on self-permit

In Which Cases Entry Ban to Turkey is Applied?

If a foreigner exceeds the legal time of visa or residence permit, they might face with entry ban to Turkey. In addition, if a foreigner who paid fine and exceeds its legal time for less than 3 months, and if they want to go abroad themselves, the entry ban don’t apply for them. On the other hand,  if a foreigner who didn’t pay fine and exceeds its legal time for more than  3 months, the entry ban whill apply for them from 1 month to 5 years while leaving from Turkey.

How to make deportation inquiry in Turkey?

The final decision about deportation for foreigners, is reported by the competent authority at the border when they came to the entrance to Turkey. Also, for foreigners who have deportation while staying in Turkey, reported by the governorships of their city. With the report declared, a roadmap for foreigners to appeal the decision and other rights and obligations related to the decision will be declared. As a summary, foreigners must apply for border gates, Turkey embassies or consulates in their countries to make deportation inquiry.

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