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As you know, there are six different residence permit types in Turkey that provides residing in the country with specific purposes and time period for foreigners legally. Firstly, the types of residence permits given to foreigners who stay in Turkey for more than 90 days can be included in a different scope when their time period or when the purpose of their stay changes. For this reason, foreigners whose purpose of stay in Turkey has changed are allowed to change their residence permit types. For example, a foreign student who has completed his university education with a student residence permit can change to a short-term residence permit with an application to change the type of residence. In this article, we will talk about the details of changing the type of residence and the required documents.

What is The Change of Residence Permit Types? How to Apply?

Simply, the need to change the type of residence permit that arises with the change in the purpose of foreigners’ stay in Turkey is briefly called the change of residence permit type. Since the reasons for foreigners to stay in Turkey cannot be different from their residence permits, foreigners whose special situation has changed must apply for a change in residence permit types. Since the family residence permit of a foreigner who got married in Turkey and stays in the country legally with a family residence permit will become invalid upon the termination of the marriage union, these persons have to switch to a short-term residence permit if they will continue to live in Turkey. In order to change the type of residence, certain conditions must be met, applications must be made through the system, and foreigners must be present in person at the application center if the competent authorities deem it necessary.

Required Documents

Required documents for applying to short term residence permit :

  • Passport
  • 4 biometric photos
  • Residence permit application form
  • Documents showing that you have sufficient financial means during the stay
  • Private health insurance
  • Original and photocopy of old residence certificate
  • Document explaining why the application is made for the type of residence to be transferred
  • Accommodation certificate or rental agreement

Foreigners who will apply for new residence permit type should provide supportive documents for it.

Required documents for applying to long term residence permit :

  • Residence permit application form
  • Passport
  • 4 biometric photos
  • Originals and photocopies of previous residence permits, if possible
  • Signed stamped document from the governorship or district governorship showing that he has not received social support in the last 3 years
  • Document showing that you have sufficient financial means
  • Criminal record
  • Address registration document obtained from population directorates
  • Valid health insurance to cover all family members
  • Married persons must also submit their marriage certificates in their residence permit extension or transition applications.
  • Photocopy of sponsor’s passport or ID card
  • Issued document that replaces identity from refugees and persons with subsidiary protection status

Required documents for applying to family residence permit :

  • Passport
  • 4 biometric photos
  • Photocopy of the spouse’s passport or residence card in Turkey
  • Copy and original of the spouse’s identity card in Turkey
  • If the spouse in Turkey has a residence permit, a copy of the work/residence card
  • Document showing that the spouse in Turkey has sufficient financial means
  • Health insurance to cover all family members
  • Criminal record
  • Document showing that it is registered in the address registration system
  • Original and photocopy of marriage certificate and all marriage documents
  • Birth certificate if a child under the age of 18 is applying for a change of residence
  • Child custody certificate in case of divorce
  • If one of the parents has died, the death certificate of the deceased must be presented.

If you have questions about changing the residence permit type, you can send us in the comments.

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