Consultancy Costs

Ata Kurumsal Consultancy Price List

Work Permit

Home Services14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Salesman etc.14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Company Partner14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Teacher, Doctor, Psychologist etc.15.750 TL + KDV15.750 TL + KDV15.750 TL + KDV
Engineer, Architect, Managers17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV
Upper-level Managers, Pilots, Captains17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV
Animator, Masseuse, Acrobat etc.21.000 TL + KDV21.000 TL + KDV21.000 TL + KDV

Residence Permit

ServiceFirst ApplicationExtension
Long Term Residence Permit14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Residence Permit for Family14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Residence Permit for House Buyer15.000 TL + KDV/Per Person15.000 TL + KDV/Per Person


P.S. : For family residence permit, children aged 0-15 are charged 1000₺.


100% compliant private health insurance prices with a fully comprehensive residence permit

(Health insurance prices are written for 1 year.)

0-18148 TL
18-25150 TL
26-30190 TL
31-35205 TL
36-40210 TL
41-50275 TL
51-60394 TL
61-65685 TL

Turkish Citizenship Consultancy

Consultancy about Citizenship (45 mins)100 $ + VAT
Citizenship (Work Permit or Marriage)3000 $ + VAT
Citizenship by Investment
Citizenship through real estate investment,
Citizenship with government debt instruments investment,
Citizenship through mutual funds,
Citizenship by deposit account investment,
Citizenship through company investment,
Citizenship through employment.
10.000 $ + VAT

Turquoise Card Consultancy (Applications has not started yet)

Application Charge99 $ + VAT
3 Years Consultancy Charge1.000 $ + VAT

Company Establishment in Turkey

The Company’s Paid-in Capital is less than 100.000 TLCompany’s Paid-in Capital 100.000 TLThe Company’s Paid-in Capital is more than 100.000 TLCompany’s Paid-in Capital $ 2,000,000
Charge2.000 $ + VAT5.000 $ + VAT6.000 $ + VAT10.000 $ + VAT
Company Establishment
Chamber of Commerce Registration
Establish, Taxes and Fees
Residence Permit
Work Permit×
Accounting and Payroll Service (1 Year)×
Other Business Documents××
Relocation (1 Year)××
Legal Consultancy (1 Year)××
Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport×××


You can pay our consultancy fees as ATA Coin.


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