Life in TurkeyThings to Consider by Foreigners who Give Birth in Turkey

Making a birth registration, it is a legal obligation for foreigners in Turkey. Birth registration is the formal registration of the birth of a child through the state’s administrative process. It reveals the child’s legal identity and ties with the country of citizenship. Directorate of Population and Citizenship at birth in the governorates within that took place in Turkey must be notified within 30 days. On the other hand, birth registration only does not provide citizenship for the child. The process of registration of births is handled differently from the process in which individuals become citizens. this article, we describe all the details we need to know about the processes of foreign births in Turkey will find, you can let us know via comments if you have questions.

Population Procedures of Newborns whose Mother or Father is a Foreigner

It’s too important to know legal procedures if you are a foreigner and if you give birth in Turkey. If the father is a foreign national, if the mother of the child is a Turkish citizen, the child can be considered a Turkish citizen from the moment of birth. My mother’s father is Turkish citizens in case of foreign nationals, being the child of a Turkish father and was born in Turkey, which will have the birth certificate which was held by the Republic of Turkey. Under these circumstances a child who was born in Turkey, as well as having the birth certificate of citizenship will not be obtaining any inconveniences.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Kinship                                                 

For obtaining Turkish citizenship, the conditions must be completed for getting kinship. In this case, no obstacle will be encountered in giving birth certificate to a child who acquires Turkish citizenship by birth. Giving a birth certificate to a child who has acquired Turkish citizenship by birth again requires fulfillment of the notification obligation.

Required Documents:

  • Application form
  • 2 photographs (white background and biometric)
  • Registration of the mother or father with Turkish Citizenship
  • Document proving the identity of the mother or father in case of foreign citizenship (and notarized Turkish translations)
  • Document proving the identity of the foreigner to apply (and notarized Turkish translations)
  • Document proving the marital status of the foreigner and if married, a marriage certificate, if divorced, a document proving this status, and if a widow, his spouse’s death certificate.
  • Signed statement report to be taken from the foreigner’s relatives by the authorities in case the mother and / or father of the person dies
  • Birth certificate (and notarized Turkish translation)
  • Birth report
  • Other documents that can be requested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to prove citizenship

If the foreigner is determined to be Turkish as a result of the examination of the Ministry of Interior, the fact that this person is a Turkish citizen is written in the family register. If it cannot be determined that he is Turkish, the application is rejected.

Obtaining a Citizenship and ID Card for Child who was Born in Turkey and can’t Obtain Citizenship by Kinship

The child who was born in Turkey and can’t obtain a citizenship of any country by birth because of mother or father, he/she is accepted as Turkish citizenship.

Under these conditions, the child who will be considered a Turkish citizen can be given an identity card. The fact that only the birth event occurred is not considered sufficient for the acquisition of citizenship. The wallet can be given to children born population in Turkey is directly related to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. However, Turkish citizens, Turkish citizens who are considered the moment of birth may be the owner of the Republic of Turkey Identity Card.

Foreigners are not only obtained the right to be born with the condition that the Turkish Citizenship territory of Turkey. On the other hand, if the mother and father of the born child are not known or stateless or if he could not acquire Turkish Citizenship due to his parents, he / she can obtain Turkish Citizenship from birth. If the foreigner is not a citizen of any country by birth, the foreigner is considered a Turkish citizen from birth. Located in the territory of Turkey, and certain non-citizenship of children without mother or father was born in Turkey are counted until it is proved otherwise and obtain the Turkish Citizenship. Applications are made to the Ministry of Interior with the documents to be prepared.

Required Documents:

  • Application form
  • 2 photos (should be white background and biometric)
  • Birth certificate proving he was born in Turkey
  • Birth report
  • If the foreign child does not have citizenship, a document proving this (and a notarized Turkish translation)
  • If the mother and father are stateless, document proving this situation, if possible

We’ve explained legal information and procedures for people who give birth in Turkey in this article. If you have questions, please ask us on comments section.

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