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Work Permit Consulting

Our work permit consulting service is one of the issues in which our company is 100% expert, we have successfully and transparently managed the process by making thousands of our customers ‘ work permit applications from the day we were established to this day.

We know the needs of people and institutions, we follow our business with great seriousness, it is very easy to work with us.

First, we do not apply for a work permit consultation that will receive a rejection

  • Criteria sought-we check whether you have met the requirements for employing foreign personnel(LINK).
  • Contract-in the event of compliance with the terms, we send you a contract that offers you to work with us, and also our responsibilities to you.
  • Information and documents – we will ask you for a number of Information, documents and power of attorney, and then all transactions that can be done with your power of attorney will be done by our company.
  • Control-now that everything is under our control, you will learn about your staff’s minimum salary, insurance operations, temporary assignment and everything else.
  • Approval-your work permit has been approved but is not finished, you will continue to be informed of your foreign personnel’s Maroon and SGK operations and everything else.


  • Evaluation and approval of application method
  • Informing the customer of the minimum salary of the candidate of the staff according to the title of the job.
  • Management of the process of contacting the personnel candidate and preparing the necessary documents
  • Making online consular applications if applying abroad
  • Application for a work permit to the Ministry of Labour
  • Completion of additional documents that may be requested during the work permit application process
  • File tracking in order to ensure early release of permits in the Ministry of Labor.
  • Providing the necessary communication to solve the failures that may occur during the process.
  • Inform the customer and staff after the work permit is issued.
  • Free consulting for SSI operations if desired.

Why You Should Choose Us?

  • 1. Competency

    Ata Kurumsal Consulting is a candidate for a brokerage firm authorized by the Ministry of labor, our rules and procedures are clear. That’s why those who work with us are always one step ahead.

  • 2. Expert

    All our staff are experts and trained in their field, and five different languages are spoken and written fluently in our company.

  • 3. Institutionalism

    We have clearly and clearly established rules. We do not go outside the rules, we make and implement decisions quickly thanks to experienced staff and departments.

  • 4. Company Culture

    We have a company culture, treat our employees equally, and give special training to improve their personal/professional training.

  • 5. The Right Initiative

    Every decision we make depends on a business rationale. Because of our business, we learn more and apply this learning to our customers.

  • 6. Responsibility

    The definition of work is fictitious, we work in the consciousness of what to do, our duties and responsibilities, we have the experience and power to manage large projects.


Home Services14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Salesman etc.14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Company Partner14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV14.000 TL + KDV
Teacher, Doctor, Psychologist etc.15.750 TL + KDV15.750 TL + KDV15.750 TL + KDV
Engineer, Architect, Managers17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV
Upper-level Managers, Pilots, Captains17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV17.500 TL + KDV
Animator, Masseuse, Acrobat etc.21.000 TL + KDV21.000 TL + KDV21.000 TL + KDV

Consulting & Figures

Work Permit
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Why Ata Kurumsal Consulting?


Reliability is the priority for business needs. Customers want to trust the company they’re going to do business with first. Therefore, “trust” forms the core of our company, and the definition of Trust refers to our character, abilities, strength and accuracy of our work.

Simple Thinking

Our main goal is always to make our customers ‘ lives easier. Therefore, by focusing on the right points, we stay away from complex structures, difficult and annoying processes.

Being Respectful

We are very sensitive to respect for our interlocutor. Position, title, age, gender, or any other difference is not a distinctive feature for us. Our attitude is always in favor of professional respect and kindness.
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