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We are the first and only Turkish consultancy company providing company establishment, Turquoise card, Residence permit, Work permit, Payroll and Accounting services for foreigners in Turkey.
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    Things to Consider When Choosing a Consulting Company for Foreigners
    What is the Corporate Consulting?Corporate consultancy service is the professional service provided to individuals, institutions, organizations or individuals who are experts in their field and have a certain knowledge and experience. Persons providing this service are called consultants and institutions are called consultancy firms.Related issues to the service of consultancy firmsToday, consultancy services can be provided in almost every field. However, the most preferred ones are;
    • work permit consultancy in Turkey
    • Residence permit consultancy Turkey
    • Turkish citizenship consultancy Turkey
    • Payroll and Accounting consultancy Turkey
    • Consultancy services for foreigners in Turkey
    • Company establishment consultancy in Turkey
    • Human Resources consultancy
    • Real estate consultancy in Turkey
    • International workforce management consultancy
    • Corporate Consultancy
    The consultancy types written above are among the sectors with the most service. Firms that obtain work permits for foreigners and foreign consultancy companies are also considered in this category.What does the consultant or consulting firm do? How does it work?Consultant or consultancy company provides information to the person or companies that it provides services about, makes analysis, creates time and reduces costs. Besides;
    • It guides the person or companies it serves
    • It helps you set your goals
    • It regularly conducts research and analysis and presents them in a report.
    • It becomes transparent to the size. But at the same time, it does not provide information to your competitors and companies in the same sector as you. It adopts privacy as a principle.
    • It offers suggestions on reducing costs with its analysis and research.
    • It provides consultancy services for your company in recruiting foreign personnel and makes the necessary applications.
    • It never stops communicating with you and informs you instantly.
    • Although each type of consultancy has its own characteristics and business areas, the ones listed above are among the common features of almost all of them.
    What are the important points in choosing a consultancy firm?
    • The most important factor in choosing a consulting firm is the company's references. Remember, the strength of a company can be measured by the quality of its customers.
    References of the consulting firm:
    • Be sure to check the "References" section on the website of the consultant or consulting company. If you can, reach out to some of the references and confirm whether they have worked with the relevant company before. It shows that the more references a consulting firm has, the more preferred it is. Of course, the quality of the references it has is an important detail to choose.
    Website of the consulting firm:
    • As with everything else, visuality is an important detail in the consultancy industry. While researching the company you are considering to receive consultancy service, be sure to take a look at the website. The consulting company website must have a "blog" category. In this category, various articles related to the sector they serve should have been published because companies that do their job well can only show that they know their business well.
    Complaints about the consultancy firm:
    • Read the previous complaints about the company you decided to get service from. Check "What complaints have been received and whether they have been resolved?". If there is no indifference to complaint issues or if they do not provide satisfactory answers to their customers, reconsider working with that company.
    Comments about the consulting firm:
    • While investigating the complaint issues mentioned in the above article, you should not ignore the comments made on different platforms. Read the positive and negative comments made on "Google businesses" especially about the company you want to get consultancy service for. Of course, it is not possible for a company to please everyone. However, you can get an idea about the service provided by the company from the content of the comments.
    Quality of the people working in the consulting firm:
    • Factors such as the workforce capacity of the employees of the consultancy company, their expertise in their field, their warmth and sincerity, their resumes are some of the factors that determine the quality of the firm. In order to see the purpose of company employees, it is important that you view about us pages or go to their offices.
     Before choosing a consulting firm, be sure to do the following Determine your need
    • First of all, you have to determine what you need. You should identify in which area you need help and in which area you should work with a consultant.
    Research the companies you will work with
    • After deciding what kind of consultancy you want to get, you should research the companies that provide consultancy services in that field. You can use the internet for this.
    Contact the company 
    • After doing the necessary research, call or visit the consultancy firm you decide to receive service from or invite to your own workplace and have a face-to-face meeting.
    Specify the service you want to receive
    • Explain clearly what you are meeting with the company and what you expect from them. Tell all the details and find out what the company can do for you.
    Ask for a written quote
    • After discussing the details of the business with the company, get information about the service fee. Find out how much the consulting firm charges for the job you want. Of course, at this stage, do not be limited to a single company. Get offers from several companies.
    Make your choice
    • Provide the necessary consultation by choosing the company that suits your conditions and budget, whose knowledge and experience you trust.
    Request a contract
    • Ask the company for a contract that specifies your expectations, what will be done for you, the agreed fee and other details. Once the contract has been signed by both parties, you can start working.
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