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How are Youtube Revenues Taxed in Turkey?

With the developing technology, increasing and accelerating internet usage, different social media platforms have started to be used intensively by many different segments for various purposes. Content producers are one of the most important factors in the dizzying spread of social media, the increase in its use and the high interest in this field.

Content producers, who create their own audiences with the content they produce, also have the opportunity to earn income from social media in different ways. People who produce content on YouTube are called ‘YouTuber’.

The Revenue Administration stated that the revenues obtained through YouTube are based on the labor-capital system, and the purpose of generating income does not change the definition of commercial activity, and stated that YouTube revenues are subject to tax.

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According to the statement made by the Revenue Administration, in order for YouTubers to pay taxes, their earnings must exceed 880 thousand TL and this income must be directed to a bank account.

Banks pay the tax office by deducting 15 percent tax from the money deposited into the account. With the circular previously published by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, YouTube earnings are subject to tax. The income generated as a result of the advertisements displayed by the Google company is considered as business income and therefore becomes an annual income taxpayer.

YouTubers are no longer obliged to keep a book. In the bank account where the income obtained is deposited, taxation is done by the bank, the determined fee is deducted and paid to the tax office.

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